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♪: Hi, Anna. Are you going to Mark's house tomorrow evening?

♫: I go, but I'm not sure yet.

♪: Does that mean that you're not planning to go?

♫: I didn't say that. I said that I not go. I am still in doubt.

♪: What's the matter?

♫: Well, I only go if I find someone to take care of my baby.

♪: I really think that you try to attend. We all have an obligation to visit him. After all, he is our best friend, and he be expecting everyone to be there. His brain surgery is in three days. Our visit be vital.

♫: I know that, but I'm having trouble finding a babysitter. What do in my place?

♪: If I were you, I try to hire someone.

♫: I never thought of doing that. Perhaps I convince my husband to call an agency.

♪: Oh, you really try. In fact, you be there. It not have the same effect without you.

♫: Thanks, Jeff. You've made me realize that I come.

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