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There is a theory held by some criminologists that evil eventually melts out of the body. That if you warehouse a man in jail long enough, will become harmless. Youth's passions dim. Perversion's fires cool. It is this theory that Lawrence Singleton contested last week.

Last Wednesday a painter saw a struggle while working on a house in Tampa's suburb. Inside, a naked man appeared to be trying to kill a naked woman. The witness called the 911 emergency number, and when a police officer arrived at the door, was met by an apparition. Lawrence Singleton "came out of the house staggering. shirt was unbuttoned, and had blood all over chest." Apparently drunk, announced that had cut himself chopping vegetables. But when moved casually to answer a ringing phone, the officer saw a bloodied naked corpse on living-room floor. After arrest, Singleton, 69, declared to reporters, "They framed the first time. But this time I did it."

In fact, Singleton is notorious for "the first time." In 1978 a 15-year-old runaway named Mary Vincent got a ride outside San Francisco with a man in a van. The man approached sexually, moved away, but later - having liquored up - beat , bound and raped twice. chopped off arms and left in a concrete culvert to die. didn't. The next day, Vincent was found "wandering nude ... holding up arms so that the muscles and blood would not fall out." When Singleton, a merchant mariner, was sentenced for the crime, the judge said wished could "send to prison for the rest of natural life."

Time Magazine, March 3, 1997, p. 17

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